Germany became a European Champion for the first time

Summary of the final day in Chemkostav Arena

Romania - Spain  30:25 (15:13)
A very close game from the very beginning. As the time was passing, Romania gained a lead and kept it till the 24th minute when the score was equalized. Soon after Romania got a lead again. In the ninth minute of the second half Romanian team had simultaneously suspended 2 players and Spain tied the score. Similarly like in the first half, Romania got a lead soon after. In the 20th minute of the second half Spanish team tied the score. But Romanian team again managed to gain a lead which was able to keep to the very end and won 30:25. 

Denmark - Russia  24:32 (14:19)
A fast and close game at the beginning. The game was flowing from one side to the other. In the 20th minute Russia got a 4-goal lead and the score of the first halftime was 14:19. Russian team was comfortably keeping the lead from the first half during all of the second half and finally won 24:32. 

Hungary - France 32:18 (13:9)
A bronze medal game was very tight from the very beginning. The game was flowing back and forth. Ten minutes before the end of the first half Hungary got a 4-goal lead which was kept to the end of the first half. Hungarian team was raising the score difference and a gap became as big as 10 goals in the 14th minute of the second half. Hungary was increasing a score difference enormously and the difference was as many as 17 goals five minutes before the end. The final score was 32:18 in favour of Hungary, the team that won a bronze medal.

Norway - Germany  18:23 (12:9)
Norway started the gold medal game well and got a lead from the very beginning. They kept it throughout the first half. In the 5th minute of the second half the score was tied. Soon after Germany gained a 4-goal lead and Norway coach called for a timeout. In spite of that fact, Norwegian players didn’t improve their performance. Their attacking play was ineffective because of lacking shooting precision. On the other hand, Germany played well and managed to keep a score gap, finally won by 5 goals and became a gold medal winner. Norway earned a silver medal.