Last spot at World Championship 2018 for Montenegro

Summary of Matchday 7 in City Hall

Team Czech Republic fought till the end.

City Sport Hall Michalovce , 19.08.2017

Serbia 17 : 27 Czech Republic (9:16)

Best players of the match: JOVOVIC Jovana (Serbia) and REZACOVA Karin  (Czech Republic)


Match between Serbia and Czech Republic was last for both teams in the tournament. Even both teams played very energetic. It was obvious who owned the game. Team Czech Republic were leading by 7 goals in the half and won by 10 points in the end of the match. As the Czech coach approved, they prepared really hard for the match which helped them to win their last match.

MAKSIC Zivojin, team Serbia coach: “I don't know what to say in this moment. Congratulations to the Czech Republic.”

JOVOVIC Jovana, team Serbia player of the match: “The opponent was better today. They played much better than us. I am sad for losing this match, but I congratulate to the Czechs."

CERVENKA Michal, team Czech Republic coach : "I think we were much motivated than our opponents, because we didn't want to get the last place. We showed tenacious performance mostly in the 1. half. We got over our traditional dramatic 2. half. And I am grateful we make it over to the happy end. To the winning point.”

REZACOVA Karin , team Czech Republic player of the match: "I am really happy for this last match, even we got to the group B, we did a great job today. We fought to the end, and I am so lucky to have the team I do, because girls showed today how perfect teamwork should look like."

Game of prestige for Croatia.

City Sport Hall Michalovce , 19.08.2017

Austria  27 : 34 Croatia (13:16)

Best players of the match: IVANCOK Lena (Austria) and BARISIC Tina (Croatia)


Team Croatia with their second victory in a row. In the game of prestige they beat team Austria with very satisfying performance. It was the last match for both teams on the tournament. both teams were very tired. although, Croatia concentrated last pieces of their strength and won the match against fast team Austria (27:34)      

FRIDRIKAS Ausra, team Austria coach: “This match didn't have much importance for us. I wanted to give opportunity to play players which haven't play much through this championship, so they could show themselves. I expected them to play good but our problem was a defense, we were better in attack.”

IVANCOK Lena, team Austria player of the match: “I am very happy, personally I think we play good but the second half was the better one and then we did worse in defense, which cost us a win.”

BOBIC Goran, team Croatia coach: “It's pity, because we won last two matches which are not that important for us, and we have to go home now. I am very happy from winning this match, girls did a great job. This game was the tough one. On the end of the tournament everyone was tired. I was only one who boosted them to achieve the victory. We have plenty dreams to future because we want to improve our performance in the 2019' Championships.I want to thank EHF, we admire the time we could spent on this Championship.”

BARISIC Tina, team Croatia player of the match: “Fortunately, we have to go home, but I think we did very good today. The time we spent here gave us a lot of what we could learn from. We will practice and I hope we do better in next Championships.”

Montenegro with victory in last game against Slovakia.

City Sport Hall Michalovce , 19.08.2017

Slovakia 20 : 22 Montenegro (11:13)

Best players of the match: BELUSKOVA Katarina (Slovakia) and GODEC Ivana (Montenegro)


Over 400 fans made an excellent atmosphere for team Slovakia in their last match. Sadly, it wasn't enough. Team Montenegro was winning from very beggining of the game. Girls from slovakia were fighting supported by their fans. but the stress cost them the victory, when in the end of the match a lot of technical faults were made.

JENSEN Heine Ernst, team Slovakia coach: “I have to say Montenegro started better than we did, but then we came back. We did have a few chances, but we didn't use them properly. To be honest, I think we didn't leave one time in the game. In general girls from Monetegro were tired, our girls were tired so the whole match was close.”

BELUSKOVA Katarina, team Slovakia player of the match: “We enjoyed it, but we could do better. There was a stress factor which affected the score.”

CELEBIC Milanka, team Montenegro coach: “It was very important game for my national team. It was also very good match for my team and we are really happy.”

GODEC Ivana, team Montenegro player of the match: “Absolutely no words. I'm very happy with my performance and even more happier about performance of our team. We have shown that we can play handball on very high level.”

Sweden over injured Netherlands.

City Sport Hall Michalovce , 19.08.2017

Netherlands 20 : 31 Sweden (11:15)

Best players of the match: DEKKER Sarah Johanna (Netherlands) and DAHLSTRÖM Cornelia (Sweden)


Sweden took the last game in the City Hall. Best Sweden performance in tournament brought them victory over weakened Netherlands. The injury unluck is following team Netherlands whole tournament, and we wish them fast recover. even though very fighty performance by Netherlands in this game.

JANSSEN Edwin, team Netherlands coach: “It was the tough game. We had a lot of injuries. They played just 50% of how they could. We had half of the team but we had a good tournament and we are very happy.”

DEKKER Sarah Johanna, team Netherlands player of the match: “We enjoyed it, but we could do better. There was a stress factor which affected the score.”

HARRIS Niklas, team Sweden coach: “It wasn't clearly our best match. But we had a good tournament and that's what's important. We've grown a lot from the beginning to now. And I am satisfied and happy.”

DAHLSTRÖM Cornelia, team Sweden player of the match: “The whole team did a great job. I am very happy that I have such a good team where teamwork is working excellent.”