Norway and Germany meet in the finals

Summary of Matchday 6 in Chemkostav Arena

Matchday 6, 18.08.2017, Chemkostav Arena Michalovce

First overtime at the tournament for Denmark

Denmark - Romania 30:29 OT (26:26, 12:15)
A tight game from the beginning even though Denmark was keeping a lead which was one time increasing, other time decreasing. Finally, in the 24th minute Romania equalized the score and, moreover, gained a lead which was similarly increasing or decreasing till the end of the first half. Very similar game continued in the second half. The closer to the end, the tighter the game was. No wonder that the game ended as a tie, so an overtime followed. Luckily Denmark gained a lead, managed to keep it until the very and won the match lastly.

Flemming LARSEN, Team Denmark head coach: “Today the game was very tough. It was a new experience for Danish team to play against Romania. We had some problems in defence, so the next time we should play better in defence than today.”

Anna OPSTRUP KRISTENSEN, team Denmark player of the match: “We played very well in the second-half, but the first-half was not so good. Overtime is a new experience, but it was fun and especially when we won. We want to end the tournament well, because we had difficult matches in our group, so we really hope we can end it well. “

Ivan ION, Team Romania head coach: “First of all, I must say that I am very proud of my team no matter in what place they will finish this tournament. I am also proud that we could play in such a manner with a strong team like Denmark, the team from the first floor. I must also say that at the moment we needed somebody to be fair to our team, there were definitely some decisions against us. Champions should be raised in tough but undoubtedly fair conditions, we have to always keep it in mind. I will be happy to see our players like Popa, Ciuca, Tarsoaga and others to take part in Senior Championship in several years.”

Rabeca Andreea TARSOAGA, team Romania player of the match: “We have done our best and we have to be prepared for the next matches. We are not completely satisfied, but we have to continue. We love our fans and we want to thank them for all support.”

Another drama decided for Russia

Spain - Russia 27:28 (12:17)

The game was flowing back and forth from the beginning. As the game was progressing, Russia got a notable lead and the score at the mid-time of the first half was 4:11 in favour of Russia. In the second half, progressively, Spanish team was decreasing the gap which was erased in the 12th minute. From this time the game became very tight. Spain got a lead again soon but lost it and conceded a goal shortly before the end.

Alfredo RODRIGUEZ ALVAREZ, Team Spain head coach: “We played very bad especially in defence in the first half. In the second half we fought perfectly on the same level like Russia. We had an opportunity to win, but unfortunately, we made some mistakes we cannot make if we want to succeed.”

Elena Ruiz Martinez, team Spain player of the match: “In the beginning the Russians took the big lead, however in the end it was goal to goal match and it was also decided on the physical level. I am happy about my performance; it is as I hoped to be. It was hard after the red card and we really missed Janna. If she cannot play tomorrow it will be very difficult for us.”

Anatoly SKOROBOGATOV, Team Russia head coach: “We played very good in the first half but our attacking play in the second half was really disastrous, unfortunately, not only in this game but also during the whole championship. Our defence is good and our goal-keeper is also helping the defence a lot.”

Mariia Cherniaeva, team Russia player of the match:
“The match was very difficult. In the beginning we had a good lead, we did not manage to keep that and then it was equal again. Very emotional game and we would like to thank to all our supporters.”

Norwegian machine straight to the finals

Hungary - Norway 21:26 (13:14) 
Norway gained a lead at the very beginning and was keeping it during all of the first half which ended in a close score of 13:14 in favour of Norway. In the second half Norway increased a score gap and successfully kept it till the end. Hungarian team lacked shooting precision and was unable to find any possible way to succeed.

Pa Oldrup JENSEN, Team Norway head coach: “Our players were tactically perfect today. They played really, really, really well for 60 minutes. And I think that was the key why we won today.”

Eli Smorgrav Skogstrand, team Norway player of the match: “I am really excited. We knew that it is going to be a difficult match, because we have played with Hungary two times and they are really good players, but we were focused and we made it.”

Beata BOHUS, Team Hungary head coach: “First of all, I want to say that our players did not play they were told before the game. We made a lot of mistakes and were also unlucky today. That’s handball. The day after tomorrow it will be a new game and a new challenge for us as well.”

Noemi Magera, team Hungary player of the match: “It was difficult match for us, we tried many ways of game, but nothing went well. I think Norway team was better today and they qualified for finals and they deserved it. I am satisfied with my performance. Thanks to our fans for support.”

Strong Germans gave no chance to the France

France - Germany 21:27 (10:13)
A really quick game from the beginning. Gradually, Germany got a 3-goal lead that was kept until the end of the first half. They continued to keep the gap but France was trying to lower it very hard in the second half. German team played well and was even able to raise the gap and kept it under control to the end. Unsurprisingly, Germany won by 6-goal difference.

Laurent PUIGSEGUR, Team France head coach: “Even though we played very hard today it was impossible to keep up with German team. Especially, we had a lot of problems with one German right back player because we gave her too much space to shoot. So I can say that our defence was not so effective like it should have been. Our attacking play also lacked shooting precision.”
Ilona Di Rocco, team France player of the match: “It was a tough game for us and we lost many important balls. We should play better in defence today. Tomorrow we will give everything to win bronze medals, we need to get our heads up and end the tournament with a victory.”

Zuzana PORVAZNIKOVA, team Germany head coach assistant: “We were sure we could make it today. We were aware that to win the match would not be easy and mentally very difficult. We played well in defence but also we had many suspended players and it was the reason why French team decreased the score gap in the second half. However, our players fought really hard and were able to succeed.”

Leonie KOCKEL, team Germany player of the match: “We played as a team today and we had really good shot effectivity. That is the reason why we won relatively high. We feel good in Slovakia, we did not see that much from the town, but the playing halls are good and everything is organized well, so there are perfect conditions for us. In the finals against Norway we have to play again as a team. We lost against them in the finals of the preparation tournament, now we have a chance to pay the debts.”