Netherlands and Sweden to compete for Place 9

Summary of Matchday 6 in City Hall

Serbia miss the game in the 1. half

City Sport Hall Michalovce , 18.08.2017
Austria 23 : 22 Serbia (15:10)

Best players of the match: KOFLER Lea (Austria) and SIVCEV Ivana (Serbia)


Austria took control of the match in the fisrt half. As long as Sebia players weren't in their team spirit. Austria won the fisrt half with score 15:10. Somehow, Serbia didn't gave up and they try to run down the Serbians. As long as the Serbians were scoring, Austria didn't let the win pass them through and they win by one point (23 : 22) 

FRIDRIKAS Ausra, team Austria coach: “I want to congratulate to my girls. We've had the moments where our team could take over the control, but not today. It hope it was the last time we've damaged ourselves. Of course girl have to learn how to handle these circumstances.”

KOFLER Lea, team Austria player of the match: “I think the match was great, but by the end of the match we made it hard for ourselves. But we won, and that's the important thing."

MAKSIC Zivojin, team Serbia coach : "In the second half we played much better. We've improved both- deffense and offense, although the first half was terrible for us. However, we were'nt able to win the game, coungratulations to the team Austria.”

SIVCEV Ivana, team Serbia player of the match: "Coungratulations to the team Austria. It was a fair game. We played bad in the fisrt half, and I think that cost us a game."

Netherlands, perfect start of the match

City Sport Hall Michalovce , 18.08.2017

Netherlands 26 : 24 Slovakia (13:12)

Best players of the match: KRULLAARS Nyala (Netherlands) and TREPACOVA Zuzana (Slovakia)

Netherlands without one of their best players- Zoe Sprengers, who has been  injured in the last match. Started perfectly against Slovakia, when in the first 15. minutes of the game, were winning by 8 goals ( 11:3). Slovakia fought and get the match into the drama. But Netherlands with the advantage from the first half, control the match to the  end.

JANSSEN Edwin, team Netherlands coach: “It was the game 2 faces. We started really, really good!  But then, like in the 20's minutes, I don't know what happend. We started to make mistakes and we fell into it. Slovakia team took a chance and they boosted their attack performance. But we qualificated into the next year championship in Poland.”

KRULLAARS Nyala, team Netherlands player of the match: “I am very proud of my team. They gave me a lots of space to shoot goals, but teamwork works as well. I am very happy. "

JENSEN Heine Ernst ,team Slovakia coach : "I think the start wasn't very good. Netherlands leaded 11:3. But step-by-step we got back into the game and we tied up (13:13). Even the score was close in the end, I think Netherlands deserved to win, they got better in the end when our team was tired too much to lead to win. So congratulate to them.”

TREPACOVA Zuzana, team Slovakia player of the match: "Even we were losing by many points we tied it up in the finish . But it wasn't enough. Tomorrow we will do our best, we will fight for the best placement  we can get after this match."

Very important win for team Croatia

City Sport Hall Michalovce , 18.08.2017

Czech Republic 22 : 26 Croatia (11:13)

Best players of the match: HUBOVA Vendula (Czech Republic) and SIVCEV Ivana (Serbia)


Very good performance brought team Croatia their first but very important win. Beating Czech Republic gave them opportunity to compete in the next year tournament. Coach of Croatia Goran Bobic said that this victory is a chance to use the potential in the next years.

CERVENKA Michal, team Czech Republic coach: “I think we showed a great performance, which we don't have to be ashamed for. We lose the dramatic ending of the match because of our own technical faults. We fought from start to finish. Our performance was on the edge of our possibilities.”

HUBOVA Vendula, team Czech Republic player of the match: “We have to acknowledge we didn't play our best. It's just another experience for us to get better. Fortunately we lose, but I am sure we will practice on the things which made us a problem, and we will play much better. "

BOBIC Goran, team Croatia coach : "WE are very happy, it's our first win. It cost us hard work and stress. My girls deserved to win because they tried very hard and we wanted to qualify to the next championship.  I am sure this match helped us to make step forward in next championship.”

PETIKA Tena, team Croatia player of the match: "I am very excited. This is our first win and our team played very good. This game was very important for us and we knew we had to win so we did our best."

Team Sweden with flawless victory
City Sport Hall Michalovce , 18.08.2017
Sweden  28 : 19  Montenegro (16:10) 
Best players of the match: DANO Nina (Sweden) and GODEC Ivana  (Montenegro)
Sweden performance was one of the best in the whole championship. Even the couch said he's very proud of the performance of his girls. Sweden took control of the match,  and they were leading all the time. 
Milanka CELEBIC, team Montenegro coach: “ I am very sad from our performance. We could do better,  but we have a lot of work to do.”
Nikolina KNEZEVIC, team Montenegro player of the match: “ It was a very bad performance from my girls. I am not satisfied. I have no words left!"
 Niklas HARRIS, team Sweden coach: “ It was a beautiful performance by my team. It was quite important game. It pushed us to the next championship. We did our best, and we controlled the game from the start.. ”
Nina DADO, team Sweden player of the match: " I think we did very good performance. I am very happy, we go to the next year championship."