Hungary and Germany secured the semifinals tickets

Summary of Matchday 5 in City hall

Netherlands with another comeback.

City Sport Hall Michalovce , 16.08.2017

Croatia  30 : 32 Netherlands (17:14)

Best players of the match: Ana MALEC (Germany) and Britt VAN DER BAAN (Netherlands)


The match between Croatia and Netherlands was really intensive. Best performance of Croatia in championship. They did really well and dominated in the first half (17:14).They were doing great in second half too, but the end of the match was owned by Netherlands. Getting into 2 point lead and winning the whole match. Netherlands with perfect fight until end teamwork performance.

Goran BOBIC, team Croatia coach: “It was a very tough match with a very strong opponent. We had a lot of good moments but it wasn't enough. They were better and I congratulate to them but I also congratulate to my team because they were fighting 'til the end and didn't give up.”

Ana MALEC, team Croatia player of the match: “"Well it was a tough match. I think we were better in the first half. We scored 4 more goals than our opponents but at the end we were tired and slowed down so they won. Congratulations to them!"

Edwin JANSSEN, team Netherlands couch: “I'm glad that we won. It was tougher in the first half and we tried to play fast but that didn't work and I think that in the second half our defence was really good, certainly better than in the first half.  I'm happy with the game and that we won again.”

Britt VAN DER BAAN, team Netherlands player of the match: "Me, same as my coach, think that the beginning was tougher but we played as a team. I'm really happy that we won."

Germany is going to the semifinal

City Sport Hall Michalovce , 16.08.2017

Denmark 18 : 20 Germany (7:12)

Best players of the match: WIERZBA Anna Berger (Denmark) and ZENNER Charley (Germany)

The match between Denmark and Germany was the match where two strong fan bases met on. Germany took over the control becaue of their's notorious good defense. They were ahead by 6 points in second half. Denmark were fighting, and they cut down their's lead to one single point. German didn't let them take the control. german fought to the end which brought them a success.“

LARSEN Flemming , team Denmark coach: “First of all, it is our fault, that we didn't play taht good in the attack. Of course, germany got a strong deffense, but we have to be more tacticall in the attck. When we have chance, we have to score more. I tink we've learned a lot for tommorow's match- hopefully, our youger players, have to develop their skills for the furthes championship”

WIERZBA Anna Berger, team Denmark player of the match: “Well, I think German is always one step ahead. We weren't even close to them, they were still leading at least one point. I am very dissapointed.  !"

PORVAZNIKOVÁ Zuzana, head coach assistant: "We play for medals now. We lead 6 points in second half, however they pushed us to our limits so we were only one point in the lead. The most important thing is we held it all emotionally and we didn't stressed out.”

ZENNER Charley, team Germany player of the match: "I am speechless! We showed a really good performance, which makes me so happy.We won the match like a team because it's everything about teamwork. We've accomplished our goal in this championship

Montenegro took over in the second half
City Sport Hall Michalovce , 16.08.2017
Montenegro 25 : 22 Austria (10:12)
Best players of the match: Nikolina KNEZEVIC (Montenegro) and Adriana MARKSTEINER (Austria)
The match between Montenegro and Austria was really energetic. Both teams held almost the same amount of goals, when Montenegro took all the control of the  second half. Even the great performance and teamwork of both teams, Montenegro pushed thier limits to the edge and took over the control of the match. As their coach mentioned, it was great game. And she supposed them to play like that in futrther matches.
Milanka CELEBIC, team Montenegro coach: “I think, that today's performance was on high level. Both teams were really good in defense. I bet they ran a kilometres long distances because both teams are really energetic, so the game was good to watch. I am proud of my girls. They did some excellent job. I only wish them to play like that in the future. Good quality performance, that's us.”
Nikolina KNEZEVIC, team Montenegro player of the match: “Well, I think we got much better in both defense and offense in the second half. It's a gret achievment for us, because we practise hard. There's no time to make any mistakes. We want to win!"
Ausra FRIDRIKAS, team Austria coach: “Of course I am very disappointed that we could not keep that lead we had. Perhaps we are not grown up enough for the goal of qualifications to the world championships. Now we have to look that we also get over this defeat and try to win the next game so we don't have to say goodbye to EURO for next two years. ”
Adriana MARKSTEINER, team Austria player of the match: "We started very good in the beginning. We had a good lead, however in the end it turned against us."

Hungary go to semifinal through Russians

City Sport Hall Michalovce , 16.08.2017

Hungary 25 : 19 Russia (11:9)

Best players of the match: MAGERA Noemi (Hungary) and KOLESNIKOVA Nadezhda (Russia)


Hungary is another team in the semifinals. With another excellent performance they beat up strong team of Russia. In the end of the first half they've been in the lead by 2 goals (11:9) and in the second half they approved that they deserve the step into semifinals, when they won against Russia by 6 goals (25:19).

Beata BOHUS, team Hungary coach: “First of all, I want to congratulate to my team. As I mentioned in the past. We wanted to win every single mach so we practise hard for every single one. So I am happy that we achieve our goals.  ”

Noemi MAGERA, team Hungary player of the match: “The whole success depends on teamworking. I am very happy that it works in my team. We played as a team and it brought us a success. The whole team took the winning very emotionally. With this kind of performance, we will achieve the gold medal!"

Anatoly SKOROBOGATOV, team Russia coach : "What can I say. Our performance wasn't enough to fight for the medals. Hungary is very good team and they have good tactics. We can only learn from our mistakes. Fortunately we don't made it over to semifinals. But we will practise hard to achieve the performance we want.”

Nadezhda KOLESNIKOVA, team Russia player of the match: "I am not satisfied. We could do much better."