Norway and France one step in semifinals

Summary of Matchday 4 in Chemkostav Arena

Chemkostav Arena, August 15th 2017

Czech Repuplic - Serbia 21:20 (11:8)

Czechs first win on the tournament after dramatic match

A close game from the very beginning; a lot of squandered chances on both sides. In the 10th minute Serbia got a slight lead that was erased soon after. At the mid-time of the first half Czechia gained a slight lead that was gradually increasing up to 3 goals till the end of the first halftime. Almost the same situation continued at the beginning of the second half. Serbia had still a problem with precise shooting, so Czech team gained as many as 4-goal lead in the 40th  minute. Czechia kept a lead throughout the second halftime. Shortly before the end Serbia equalized the score but Czech team scored one more time in the last minute and snatched a close win of 21:20.

Michal ČERVENKA, Team Czech Republic head coach: “It was a much harder game than the one before with Romania. We fought very hard and the winning goal belong to us for that. We wanted to win awfully. We were aware that Serbian team is very strenuous.”

Sabrina NOVOTNÁ, Team Czech Republic player of the match: “I am really satisfied with this match but it always can be better. I think it was difficult for us and even for them too. I hope that my team will do our best for the rest of this tournament.”

Ljubomir OBRADOVIC, Team Serbia head coach: “It was a very hard game for us. Our defence did not play good today. Also I was not satisfied with our shooting. That’s all what I wanted to say.”

Marija SIMIC,Team Serbia player of the match: ,,I’m little disappointed and not satisfied with our performance. We all hope that the next time we’ll do better. Our opponent was playing really good.”

Swedish comeback in second half against Slovakia

Sweden - Slovakia 26:22 (11:14) 

Slovakia got a 4-goal lead at the beginning of the first half which was gradually increasing. Sweden improved their attacks and was decreasing the score gap at the end of the first half. A very similar picture of the game was at the beginning of the second half. At the mid-time of the second half the score was 16:19 but soon after it was evened up. From that time Sweden took the lead and gained a 3-goal score difference. Slovakia tried to tie the score but in vain. Sweden got even a 4-goal gap that easily helped them to win the match 26:22.

Niklas HARRIS, Team Sweden head coach: “I think that our performance is still up and down, but our team has a pretty high level. Today we played as good as we could. Finally we won and it matters.”

Isabelle ANDERSSON, Team Sweden player of the match: “We were not awake from the beginning but in the second-half we woke up and played a good defence. It was fun to win today and very important for us. I am happy now because other matches were not that successful.”

Heine Ernst JENSEN, Team Slovakia head coach: “Today we met a very good Swedish team. We played 40 minutes good, but then, unfortunately, we did not managed to transform our good chances into goals.”

Martina Popovcova, Team Slovakia player: „It was a difficult match but at least we are happy that we played quite well. It is a pity that we lost but it is our fault. We fought until the end so we are sorry that the result was not as good as we expected.“

Barbora Lanczova, Team Slovakia player: „We do not feel well now, because we did not reach our goals. We wanted to win, but unfortunately we lost. I tried to do my best but I do not know if it was enough.“

France close to the best four after win against Spain

France - Spain 29:24 (14:8)

French team started really and gained a 4-goal lead quickly. France was ahead of Spain by as many as 5 goals in the 20th minute. Spain had a problem with precise shooting. From that time France hold a score gap until the end of the first half and the same situation continued in the second half. France was keeping a lead of 3 or 4-goals throughout the whole second half and expectantly won 29:24.

Laurent PUIGSEGUR, Team France head coach: “Our players were very disciplined today. We had also a very good tactics. A Spanish attack 7 to 6 caused us a lot of problems. We won with the head.”

Pauletta FOPPA, Team France player of the match: „We never give up. We were highly motivated and we are happy that we won today. Tomorrow we will face Romania, we want to win so we will be first in the main round group.“

Alfredo RODRIGUEZ ALVAREZ, Team Spain head coach: “Today we had a problem to make a good controlling difference. Especially, we had not capacity to control player’s individual actions 1 to 1. I am happy because in the second half our team grew up. I think that the difference between Spain and France was in the higher physical quality on their side.”

Janna Sobrepera CASOL, Team Spain player of the match: „It was a really hard game. We started bad and then we came back. What a pity but tomorrow we will do better and try to keep enjoying the game. Tomorrow we will play against Romania and we have to win. We will do more and better. First of all I try to give everything for my team, of course that I am happy about the awardings but in the first place is always a team that matters. We came here as a team to play and win for Spain. I am very proud.“

Norwegian tempo machine keep rolling

Romania - Norway 23:27 (11:10)
A close game was played from the very beginning. The game was flowing back and forth. Simply said, both teams played really good throughout the first halftime. The close game continued in the second half as well. But at the mid-time of the second half Norway team gained a lead that kept successfully till the very end and won 23:27. 

Ivan ION, Team Romania head coach: „Of course, Norway is a very strong team. We fought as good as we could. I must say openly that they were better today. It was a very tough game for us and we lost. We will try to play better tomorrow.“

Diana Cristiana CIUCA, Team Romania player of the match: ,,I am very proud of my team, we fought until the end. I am quite disappointed but I hope it will be better tomorrow. I think there is always place for better performance.“

Pa Oldrup JENSEN, Team Norway head coach: „It was really a strong win for us today. I think that we were able to use our players well, so we had a lot of players contributing to our victory. Probably we had more strength left at the end when it was essential for us.“

Henrikke Hauge KJOLHOLDT ,Team Norway player of the match: ,,It was very good to win today. We fought really hard and it is incredible feeling to win. At the beggining it was harder but I am very satisfied with my team. I think that I did my best today.“