Hungary and Germany still unbeaten

Summary of Matchday 4 in City Hall

Austria took over tired Croatia in second half.

City Sport Hall Michalovce , 15.08.2017

Austria  29 : 23 Croatia (13:13)

Best players of the match: Lara MIHOLC (Austria) and Lena IVANCOK (Croatia)


Performance of both teams in first half was equal to the score (13:13). In second half we could see that team Croatia is really tired, they did a lot of tactical faults. Loosing too many balls cost them the whole game as long as team Austria got ahead by 6 goals and controlled the game until the end.    

Ausra FRIDRIKAS, team Austria coach: “Today was the day, how we expected everything to work. We had a good teamwork. All the players were really good. We were one team. We won if that we got some issues at the begging. We hope that we will continue tommorow like that. Overall we want to congratulate to the team of Croatia because they really fought a lot and it was a really tought match.”

Lena Ivancok, team Austria player of the match: “After the high defeat against Germany we were really motivated and now we are really happy about the win today. Of course it is our main objective not to be under last two teams of the tournament, therefore it was extremely important victory today. We also want to win every next game. I am very happy and satisfied with my performance on the tournament so far and I am glad I that have been finally announced as MVP.”

Goran BOBIC, team Croatia's coach: “What can i say? It's almost the same game we had in 3th round of prelinimary group. We did a lot of mistakes. But we had a great score till the last 20 minutes, and then we just failed. We missed a lit of opportunities. Life goes on, we learned a lot of the oppositw teams. Congratulation to the Austria team.”

Lara Miholc, team Croatia's player of the match: “We had good first half-time and then I don´t know what happened. We had bad defence and they gave us too many goals.”

20 goals enough for Netherlands against Montenegro.

City Sport Hall Michalovce , 15.08.2017

Nedherlands  20 : 15 Montenegro (10:9)

Best players of the match: Liza Gerarda Dymphena ROVERS (Nedherlands) and Anastasia BABOVIC (Montenegro)


Team Netherlands is with 90 goals most scoring team. Although, against team Montenegro they needed only 20 goals thanks to their player of the match Liza Gerarda Dymphena with some excelent goalkeeping skills. In offense traditionally Zoe Sprengers with 8 goals and Nyala Krullaars with 7 goals. As Montenegro's couch Milanka Celebic said, the game was terrible for her team, she wasn't satisfied with the performance.    

Edwin JANSSEN, team Netherlands coach: “I am very happy as well. We got a very good defense today. We got a very good goal-keeper behind us. I loved the game. I am proud of my team!”

Liza Gerarda Dymphena ROVERS, team Netherlands player of the match: “I am really proud of the team. We did like we planned and we won. We worked as a team, that's what makes me happy in the first place. Both defense and offense were great. I am very happy.”

Milanka CELEBIC, team Montenegro coach: “My team didn't play good. Teamwork play didn't go well today. I am very upset.”

Anastasia BABOVIC, team Montenegro player of the match: “The performance was very bad. I am very upset. We made a lot of mistakes and I think we could do much better.”

Concentrated Denmark against emotional Russia

City Sport Hall Michalovce , 15.08.2017

Russia  17 : 21 Denmark (9:11)

Best players of the match: Mariia CHERNIAEVA (Russia) and Michala Elsberg MOLLER (Denmark)


Team Denmark with their discipline took control over the match from it's beggining. Score at the end of first half was 9:11 for Denmark. In second half Denmark  without loosing concentration increased their lead and won the game 17:21. Russian players were very emotional. They were doing everything they could to cut down the lead, but Denmark with support of their fans took game against Russia.     

Anatoly SKOROBOGATOV, team Russia coach: “Denmark was taking over the control of match the whole time. We were really good in defense but not that good in attack.”

Mariia CHERNIAEVA, team Russia player of the match: “My team was very emotional through the whole match. But I think we could do better in attack.”

Flemming LARSEN, team Denmark coach: “I am very happy. I think everytime you play against strong team it's a occasion that we're looking forward to. Russia is a strong team and they have som excellent players. I am very happy we won.”

Michala Elsberg MOLLER, team Denmark player of the match: “I think we really played good today. We got a really good defense. We were so ready for the match, as we practised hard. I think we succeeded as a team. I am looking forward to tommorow.”

Two unbeaten teams in tied match.

City Sport Hall Michalovce , 15.08.2017

Germany  25 : 25 Hungary (13:12)

Best players of the match: Julia WEISE (Germany) and Greta
 KACSOR (Hungary)


Two very good teams met on the playing court today. Germany got to the lead by 3 points but as Hungarian couch said, Hungary didn't give up and tied the match. It was drama until the end. When 30 seconds were remaining the Hungarian goalkeeper saved the shot on goal and the shot right after hit the post. What a drama in last match of the day !       

Zuzana PORVAZNIKOVA, team Germany assistnet of coach: “I am not satisfied with the ending of the match we could do better. We didn't take one's chance. But I am happy for the point we got and we will do our best in tomorrow's match.”

Julia WEISE, team Germany player of the match: “I feel really upset from the result. I think match was in my hands last seconds. But I am happy for that one point we got. It was dramatic play. Denmark are great team but we want to win the match for sure.”

Beáta Bohus, team Hungary coach: “Never ever give up! This is the most important thing about this match. I am really proud of my team.”

Greta KACSOR, team Hungary player of the match: “We are really happy for that one point. We are excited for the tomorrow's match. We are gonna win for sure.”