Four dramatic matches in Chemkostav Arena

Summary of matchday 3 in Chemkostav Arena

Details decided about the second place in group C

France - Sweden 23:23 (12:11) 

A close game from very beginning. From the 10th minute Sweden started to have a light score gap that was soon after erased by French team. Shortly after the second half started, Sweden was ahead by 2 or 3 goals and the slowly increased because France was losing too many balls as well as shooting was not precise. In the midtime of the second half there was 5 or 6-goal difference in favour of Sweden. Ten minutes before the end, French team gradually started to cut down the goal difference and the match ended up as a tie 23:23.

Josefine HULTBERG-DAHLGREN, Team Sweden player of the match: ,,It was very important match but that is life. It was tough match and I don’t really know what was the reason that we lost. France team was really good in this match.’’

Pauletta FOPPA, Team France player of the match: „I’m very happy because this match was really difficult. I think that the reason of our win was our big motivation. We don’t know our goal for the next round yet, but we’ll go step by step.“

Laurent PUIGSEGUR, Team France head coach: „The players are young girls, so they can play good, but they also can play worse in five minutes. We had a lot of lost balls. This morning we watched the last game on video and I told them that shooting precision must be improved. But it is very difficult for us. However, we are very happy.“

Niklas HARRIS, Team Sweden player of the match: „I think it was a tough game, a physical game as well. I think we played very well but I don’t know why we lost our lead in the second half.“

First point for Czechs

Romania - Czech Republic 27:27 (15:16) 
Romania started the game offensively but Czech team was able to keep up with them, so the became tight. Romania had a problem with precise shooting, so Czech team took the initiative over and gained 2 or 3 gap that they kept.  Finally,  shortly before the end of the first half the score was equalized by Romanian team and the game was tight again and the same picture of the game continued during the whole second half and the match not surprisingly finished as a tie 27:27.

Marina ILIE,Team Romania player of the match: ,,I want to play better and help my team to have a good match. Every moment in the game is important for us. We’ll improve it for the next time. We’ve worked a lot. Before we came here, all my thoughts were that we’ll get what we deserve. We are looking forward to play next matches.”

Barbora VAVROUSKOVA,Team Czech Republic player of the match: ,,I think that this one point motivated us to think positive because we lost previous two matches. I hope that another matches which we´ll play will be better. We need to fight more and harder. I am very satisfied with my team now because we used to have problems in some matches we had played before.”

Ivan ION, Team Romania head coach: “Every match we try to use our bench players in the field to give them opportunity. This is important for the future. Today we gave opportunity to play to our wing because she needs a lot of courage for the next games. So it is sometimes a priority for us to do this than a result itself.”

Michal ČERVENKA, Team Czech Republic head coach: “Today we woke up and finally played good at the offensive play after two matches that we played well in defensive play only. I am really glad for that. We played a plenty of offensive actions today. I can say that we played a good match. I think that the match was very close and it would have been unfair if we had lost.”

8 unlucky 7m throws for Slovakia took the chance for their victory

Serbia - Slovakia 18:18 (9:9) 
Slovakia had a better start to the match and gained a score difference of 2 or 3 goals that they kept until the end of the first half. At the end of the first half Serbia evened up the score. There were so many unused goal chances on both sides. Similarly, Slovak team had again a better start to the second half and shortly after it started Slovakia had a 2 or 3 goal lead over Serbia which was kept almost to the end when Serbia tied the game, so a final result was 18:18.

Marija SIMIC, Team Serbia player of the match: ,,I can say that the match was very difficult because girls from slovak team played very good. I am very proud of my team and congratulations to Slovakia on a good match.”

Katarína BELUŠKOVÁ, Team Slovakia Pivot: “We were trying to do our best and in my opinion I think that we did that. We agreed with our coach on some rules before the match. We are not going to watch the other match today because we’ll rather stay at the hotel and we’ll prepare our new strategy.”

Ljubomir OBRADOVIC, Team Serbia head coach: “I feel very proud of my team. It was a very hard match after Slovak victory over Norway.”

Heine Ernst JENSEN, Team Slovakia head coach: “Today we did a lot of things ok, but we need to get a ball into a goal. Serbia had a good goalkeeper, but our shooting was also not good enough. We missed too much today, so this way it is very difficult to win such a close game. To use chances in the game like that is very important.”

Beautiful tempo handball with great happy end for Norway

Norway - Spain 27:25 (15:12) 
A tight game from very beginning. The game flowed back and forth with 1 or maximum 2 goals differences but at the end of first half Norway was ahead by 3 goals. At the beginning of the second half Norway increased a score difference up to 4 goals but Spanish team was able to erase it util the midtime. From that time on, the game became very close again and was flowing from one side to the other. At the end Norway had better luck and won the match by 2 goals.

Isabel Fernandez Agusti Martinez GANDIA,Team Spain player of the match: I’m really disappointed and I think that the problem was in the first part of the match because we didn’t play very good. After the bad first part, we were doing better but it was still not enough.”

Rikke ARNESEN,Team Norway player of the match: “At the beginning we didn’t start very well but we kept working. It was really stressful but I think that we learnt a lot about that the beginning is so important part of the every match.”

Pa Oldrup JENSEN, Team Norway head coach: “We played a lot better in attack than the match before. We fought well today. When you play against Spain you have to be clever and play with a cold head. It was very important to us to qualify for the next round.”

Alfredo RODRIGUEZ ALVAREZ, Team Spain head coach: “We didn’t play good in the first half. Unfortunately, we didn’t use opportunities to score in the second half. We need to play good in defence the whole match but we didn’t defend properly in the first half.”