Germany and Hungary make it perfect in City Hall

Summary of matchday 3 in City Hall

Russian goalkeeper against fast Netherlands breaks

City Sport Hall Michalovce , 13.08.2017

Russia 32:29 Nedherlands (18:15)

Best players of the match : Nadezhda KOLESNIKOVA (Russia) and Zoe SPRENGERS (Nedherlands)

Start of the match between Russia and Nedherlands was horrible for second team when they got behind by 6 goals (8:2) but they didn't gave up and fought for every single ball with their typpical energetic and fast game.They got back into the game when they cut down the lead of Russians, so they were missing only one point to tie the match. Zoe Sprengers with another player of the match performance (11 goals, in total 37) was carrying her team to atleast tie the match, but Russian goalkeeper Nadezhda Kolesnikova was against with perfect saves. Russian team controlled the match 32:29.

Nadezhda KOLESNIKOVA, team Russia player of the match: “In first half we play very good in defense. I appreciate that I recieved an acknowledgement player of the match. But in general I think it was about playing mainly like a team not about one good player in the team. We practised hard for the match. We are good and strong team.”

Zoe SPRENGERS, team Nedherlands second time player of the match: "Well, I prefer winning than receiving an acknowledgement the player of the match. We played very good, especially our goalkeeper. We made the chances further, but we fortunatelly didn't score then. That's unlucky. We also made some little mistakes in defence."

Anatoly SKOROBOGATOV, team Russia head coach: “We had some technical mistakes in defence. We expected Netherlands to play fast and vividly, as they did. Netherlands team is very good, especially they do play very fast. Overall we are not that satisfied with the result, but victory is victory.”

Edwin JANSSEN, team Nedherlands couch: “In some moments we played very good, but the goalkeeper of the opponents cancled so many of our chances. In this moment I feel little bit disappointed. We are a good team but maybe today's performance wasn't enough.”

Hungary does not stop the rolling machine

City Sport Hall Michalovce , 13.08.2017

Denmark  27 : 31 Hungary (15:16)

Best players of the match: Anna Opstrup KRISTENSEN (Denmark) and Tamara PAL (Hungary)


Two undefeated teams met in last match of group B. Both, Denmark and Hungary gave everything they've had into this match. We could see a lot of action from side to side, first half ended in favour of Hungary (15:16). Denmark tried really hard to cut down the lead of Hungary, but importance of this match could bring Denmark team into the nerves, so they did a few faults and Hungary was uncompromisly punishing. 

Anna Opstrup KRISTENSEN, team Denmark player of the match: “I am very happy of the performance of the whole team. I think we did better in the first half. We are going to prepare for Russia or Germany tomorrow on the rest day.“

Tamara PAL, team Hungary's player of the match: "I have to agree with my coach. We were unlucky in the first half, as we did many mistakes. We were quite anxious about it. We were 5 times loosing against Denmark throught the match. When we got a timeout, our coach told us exactly what to do, so we did. That brought us a success."

Flemming LARSEN, team Denmark head coach: “Today we've met a very good team. They have a very good tactics. Everytime we've made a little mistake they punished us. I am not that glad for the defence today. We've made 27 goals, I think that should be enough for the victory, but today it wasn't, because the defense wasn't strong enough.”

Beáta BOHUS, team Hungary's head coach: “First of all, I want to congratulate to our team. In the first half we were unlucky sometimes, we did a lot of technical faults and mistakes, but then we found ourselves, and we did better.”

Germany dominating in group A

City Sport Hall Michalovce , 13.08.2017

Germany 28:10 Austria (17:4)

Best players of the match : Laura WALDENMEIER (Germany) and Natali MISIC (Austria)


Much more game of prestige for both teams. Germany dominating both halves first by 13 goals (17:4) and whole match by 18 (28:10). Germany with 3 wins out of 3 games (total score 78:51) performed excellent handball based on strong defence and prefect teamwork supported by their fans. Austria gave space to the players who didn't play that much until yet.  

Laura WALDENMEIER, team Germany player of the match: “I am very happy of the performance of the whole team. We hope we will be as good as today in further matches. This match gave us confidence.”

Natali MISIC, team Austria's player of the match: "We could did better. I did my best but I think the whole team could do better. We try to recover ourselves and try to do better next 2 games."

Ausra FRIDRIKAS, team Austria's coach: “Today we wanted to give an opportunity to the other player who didn't got a chance to play a lot until now. We wanted to give them confidence as well. We knew that this game wasn't important for us so it was just a question of the prestige. We still have 2 matches ahead that we have to win to get a chance to go to the Word championship. It's pity that we lost this match. We did to many mistakes so we couldn't make the goal. We hope that our player do better next time. We congratulate to the German team.”

Zuzana PORVAZNIKOVA, team Germany assistent of coach: “I am happy that we won. I'm kind of sad of the second half, because we did mistakes in offence. Overall I am satisfied with defence. We are going to use tomorrow day- the rest day, for preparing for the next match. We want to put everything in the further match.”

Better performance than last 2 games for Montenegro

City Sport Hall Michalovce , 13.08.2017

Croatia  17 : 23 Montenegro (8:10)

Best players of the match: Ana MALEC (Croatia) and Anastasia BABOVIC (Montenegro)

Team Montenegro showed a really good performance in the last match of group B. Even though the score was almost tied. In last 10 minutes Montenegro took over the control and scored to the winning points. The reason of theier success, could be emotion and energy of every single player, even on the bench. They showed some team spirit.

Anastasia BABOVIC, team Montenegro's player of the match: "The match was a very strong experience for me. In defence we have a very good players. It was very important game for us and we are very happy for this. We had a lot of energy for this match and it was a very big game for us."

Ana MALEC, team Croatia player of the match: “The Montenegro's team was better. They were stronger and faster. We weren't on the high level, they deserved to win. Congratulate to them.“

Milanka CELEBIC, team Montenegro's couch: “I am very happy. This game was very important for my team. We had a very good defense, very good transition, and offense. This game was very difficult as well. I think my team showed a better performace.”

Bobic GORAN, team Croatia head coach: “This is one of those games, I can not say nothing about. The oponnets were better. We were less accurate, less emotional than they. They deserved to win, congratulations to them.”