Spectacular second halftimes by Slovakia and Romania

Summary of the matchday 2 in Chemkostav Aréna

Chemkostav Arena Michalovce , 11.08.2017

Czech republic vs. France 19:24 (8:12)

At the beginning of the match Czech team was loosing a lot of balls, also their shooting was not so precise. As the match progressed, Czech team improved their performance. However, French team maintained a score gap during the whole match. Precise shooting also became a certain problem for French team in the second half.

Soralie MOORE, Team France player of the match: “We fought for victory in this game and we are so happy that we have won today. We have to fight tomorrow as well and win against Sweden, so we get to the main round.”

Sabrina NOVOTNÁ, Team Czech Republic second time player of the match: “Even today I cannot be satisfied with this game and overall with our game at the tournament. I would rather win the match than being the best player twice in the row. Atmosphere is absolutely great here, our fans supported us a lot.” 

Chemkostav Arena Michalovce , 11.08.2017

Romania vs. Sweden  24:21 (8:14)

Swedish team started very good. Their attaking play followed by precise shooting was undoubtedly their strength. Romanian team shooting was quite weak plus defence was not  efficient that resulted in a distinctive gap score that was visible from very beginning and continued to the end of the first half. Romania started the second half much better and a high score difference erased soon after. Romania improved enormously during the second half and tied the score. The game was even for a longer time but shortly before the end Romania snatched a 24:21 win over Sweden.

Cornelia HERMANSSON, Team Sweden player of the match: “The game was really good. It was tough, but we did a good job in the first half. I really don´t know what happened in the second half, they played well and roughly.” 

Cristiana Diana CIUCA, Team Romania player of the match: “I am really happy; we hope to keep winning like that. I want to be the best, also my team to be the best. Simply I want to win.”

Chemkostav Arena Michalovce , 11.08.2017

Slovakia vs. Norway 25:23 (9:13) 

The game was tight, flowed from one side to the other but at the end of the first half 5 goal gap happened in favour of Norway. In the second half Slovakia played extremely good and tied the score. It can be said that the second half copied the game from the first one. Shortly before the end Slovakia snatched victory and defeated Norway 25:23.

Barbora LANCZOVÁ, Team Slovakia player of the match: “We are all very excited. We had meeting yesterday where we talked about all our mistakes. We knew that we are going to fight this match from beginning until the end. It was the best match. On Sunday we will fight and I hope that we will get between the first eight teams, because it was our dream whole year during our preparation.” 

Izabela KONDÁŠOVÁ, Team Slovakia goalkeeper
“Everybody tried to do their best because we talked about it and we played on the edge of our possibilities. It is impossible to describe the victory against one of the best teams at the tournament. We will fight and we will win.“

Mia SVELE, Team Norway player of the match
“I feel mad, because I know we can do better. We just stopped fighting at the end and they were better than we were, so we need to accept that.”

Chemkostav Arena Michalovce , 11.08.2017

Serbia vs. Spain (13:11) 21:25

Serbia had a better start but the game was pretty tight, flowed back and forth, in the first half. The same picture of the game was visible in the second half. Ten minutes before the end Serbia had 2 players similtaneously penalted, so Spain fully use the advantage and increased a score. Spain was able to maintained a score difference to the end of the match and finally they won.

Sobrepera CASOL, Team Spain player of the match: “We played very well because of intensity that we put into game and now we are rising so it is great and we are really happy.”

Marija SIMIC, Team Serbia player of the match: “We tried to do our best. On Sunday I think we will be better than today. We also played against the Norway, it was good experience for us.”

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