Romania, Sweden, Spain and Norway with victories on playing day 1 in Chemkostav Arena

Summary of the Gameday 1 matches in Chemkostav Arena

Chemkostav Arena Michalovce , 10.08.2017

France 23 : 26 Romania (10:11)

Best players of the match : Julie Leblevec (France) and Diana Cristiana Ciuca (Romania)

The best player FRA, Julie LEBLEVEC: „I think that at the beginning of the game we failed a lot in shooting, maybe because of the pressure. We also lost a lot of balls.“

The best player ROU, Diana Cristiana CIUCA: „We won because we were stronger and also had a good start in the match.“

Chemkostav Arena Michalovce , 10.08.2017

Sweden 23 : 19 Czech Republic (9:9)

Best players of the match : Nina Dano (Sweden) and Sabrina Novotná (Czech Republic)

Team Sweden best player, Nina Dano: „I think it was a very good game. Our defence was very good. However, our rivals played also pretty good in defence.“

Team Sweden head coach, Niklas Harris: „First half was very nervous because we haven’t played with any international team since November last year, just trainings. The second half was the game we would like to play, good defence and lots of running. I think that running was decisive in this match.“

Team Czech Republic best player, Sabrina Novotná: „We played good but last ten minutes we were overplayed by their individual fast attacks.“

Team Czech Republic head coach, Michal Červenka: „I think that everything was open during the game. Now, it is hard to say what was the main reason we lost. We have to analyze the loss. It was the first time we played against a strong team like Sweden. However, I am satisfied with our defence play.

Chemkostav Arena Michalovce , 10.08.2017

Norway 23 : 16 Serbia (12:8)

Best players of the match : Marielle Norduang (Norway) and Emilia Lazič (Serbia)

The best player NOR, Marielle NORDUANG: I am satisfied with the game. It was a great start. I think we are well trained and it is our advantage.

The head coach NOR, Pa Oldrup JENSEN: It was a typical first match. Our players were excited and nervous but we played a good defence and worked harder to win.

The best player SRB, Emilia LAZIČ: Norway team played really well so we lost but I hope we will improve our performance in the next matches.

The head coach SRB, Ljubomir OBRADOVIC: It was a very hard game because Norway is a good team. I am positive our team will be better tomorrow.

Chemkostav Arena Michalovce , 10.08.2017

Spain 36 : 25 Slovakia (20:12)

Best players of the match : Janna SOBREPERA CASOL (Spain) and Lucia Tomašechová (Slovakia)

Best player ESP, Janna SOBREPERA CASOL: „I think that today we played very good. We put a lot of intensity in our game and I am glad that the victory is ours.“

Head coach ESP, Alfredo RODRIGUEZ ALVAREZ: „I think that we had better playing system, better defence in comparison with Slovak team.“

Best player SVK, Lucia TOMAŠECHOVÁ: „The biggest problem of our game was defence. I think our defence play could be much better.“

Head coach SVK, Heine Ernst JENSEN: „Spanish team was much better than we were today. We hadn’t a chance. Who saw the game could see that Spain was on a different level than we were today.“