Press conference to start the EHF W17 EURO

Predrag Bošković: "I am sure that SHF and EHF can work together in the future bringing our sport to a new level."

The first press conference of EHF W17 EURO 2017 in Michalovce, Slovakia took place in Chemkostav Arena on 10th August 2017. At the beginning, the President of Slovak Handball Federation, Mr. Jaroslav Holeša said: "Today is that big day when our EHF W17 EURO 2017 starts. We are very pleased because all teams are already in Michalovce, or in Humenne where 5 teams are accomodated. Everything is ready, so we are full of expectations. I am positive that town Michalovce as well as Slovak Handball Federation did everything that was necessary to be done for a successful championship. As I previously said, everything is prepared, such as halls, hotels, all organizing team, referees, delegates. Therefore, I am sure that the championship will be successful and everything will be well performed."

The next press contribution was doneby the Vice-president of European Handball Federation, Mr. Predrag Boskovič who said the following speech: "First of all I would like to thank to the Mayor of Michalovce and also the President of Slovak Handball Federation for organizing this championship. It is a great pleasure for us, for European Handball Federation. We have a long-lasting cooperation with Slovak Handball Federation in organizing this type of events. Every time everything was very good, so I am pretty sure that this championship will be good as well. I hope that the best team will win. I am not the first time in MIchalovce, in this beautiful town. Everytime I came here, I always feel like at home. I am pretty sure that SHF and EHF can work together in the future bringing our sport to a new level. So let us enjoy!"

The third speech came from the Mayor of Michalovce who said: "Pleasant nice day to everybody! I would like today, like a certain time ago when we met and discussed the championship for the first time, to thank that our town was honoured to organize the championship. I woud also thank to everybody who helped to organize it. I am sure that everything will be succesfull and there will be no disappointment, so our town will be an excellent hometown for the championship."