Emotional matches on first gameday in City Hall

Germany turned the game against Russia, Croatia an equal opponnent to Denmark

Defensive first half and comeback for Germany

City Sport Hall Michalovce , 10.08.2017

Russia 15 : 19 Germany (6:5)

Best players of the match : Valeriia Maslova (Russia) and Aimee Von Pereira (Germany)


In a careful beginning of the first match in the Women’s 17 EHF EURO in a city sports hall between Russian and German team, only 11 goals were scored when after a break, the Russians were leading 6:5 and later on, the Germans were losing by 3 goals. Thanks to their perseverance and the enormous support of fans, however, the German team was able to turn the uneven score around and win 15:19. Kudos also go to the player Aimee Von Pereira who scored 7 goals in this match. We can surely speak about a beautiful depiction of team work and endurance shown by Germans who now have their first and the most precious victory.

Valeriia Maslova, Team Russia player of the match : "The match was challenging. We were afriad of the Germans. Because of the first match, it was put a great pressure on us. We got stressed so our perfomance wasn't that good to beat the opposite team."

Aimee Von Pereira, Team Germany player of the match : "It was really great match, I felt very well because we were helping each other and first of all our defence was doing fantastic job. Defences played a decisive role in this game. The last ten minutes of the first half were relatively goalless, which only showed how able the defenders of both teams are. I believe our positive mindset played a crucial role – even thought we were losing by three goals, it didn’t break our spirits. It’s our first game and our first win, so I would say we enjoy our stay in Michalovce so far. The town itself is pleasant, as much as the weather."

Zuzana Porvazníková, Team Germany assistent of coach: It became a tradition, after all the years we have been playing handball to start the first match against Russia. Although the Russians were tough opponents, this year we demonstrated our hard preparations for this tournament especially for the first match, which is extremely important for every team. In my opinion we won this match thanks to our defence. On the other hand, we have potential to improve our offensive game. I was glad to see that girls put everything they had in their performance.

Handball battle between Netherlands and Austria

City Sport Hall Michalovce , 10.08.2017

Netherlands 35 : 33 Austria (12:13)

Best players of the match : Zoe Sprengers (Nedherlands) and Adriana Marksteiner (Austria)

The match between Netherlands and Austria was in the hands of the Austrian team for the most part. That was also thanks to mistakes made by Dutch who played as though thrown off balance. Later on, however, they regained their strengths and despite the almost unbearable heat in the hall, they were able to properly cooperate and finally won the match with the score 35:33 which can also be credited to Zoe Sprengers who alone scored 15 goals

Zoe Sprengers, Team Netherlands player of the match : "We played as a team, we worked hard for this and it's nice to win the game and get an award."

Janssen Edwin, Netherlands head coach : "It was a very tough game. Not only the game but also the heat. It was very hot in the hall. We tried to play fast but it was as well as for the opponent, physically very strenuous game. But we won and that's good, of course we need to improve. There were too many mistakes, especially in the beginning when a lots of balls were in the hand of the opponent or they just fell at our feet. That should really be better tomorrow. I think that the creativity and maybe the aggression in the game were good but still we need to play better."

Equal forces met

City Sport Hall Michalovce , 10.08.2017

Denmark 22:20 Croatia (11:12)

Best players of the match: Emillie Bodholdt Steffensen (Denmark) and Lea Franusic (Croatia)


The first half of the match could be described as friendly and calm. The Croatians were playing in a sober, calm way, while their opponents from Denmark kept their vigorous tempo and did not hesitate for a minute. Throughout the game, the winner was unclear, as the score was maintained till the very last moments. In the end, the Danish girls were the ones to take charge and finish the match in their favour with a score of 22:20.

Emillie Bodholdt Steffensen, Team Denmark's player of the match: “I think we did a very good job. It was exciting.”

Flemming Larsen, Team Denmark's head couch: “I was definitely satisfied with my team, especially for them withstanding the challenges. It was a spectacular handball match but it was also a very tough fight. The girls managed to win in the end so I’m very proud of them.”

Goran Bobic, Croatian's head coach: “We are here for the first time because we are a very young team. I think that my players play very well both in defence and attack with very good motions. I think that we were a strong opponent to Denmark but sadly at the end of the match the Denmark team won by 2 points. We can only congratulate to them and acknowledge that they were better. Still there were really good moments in the game that I observed within my team. We have a lot to learn but this is only the start.” 

Lea Franusic, team Croatian's player of the match: “I am very tired but very proud to be a part of this team , because we left our hearts on the field. We gave our best to the game. I think that if we maintain a strong defence there are lots of chances and possibilities for us.”
Outstanding performance by Hungary

City Sport Hall Michalovce , 10.08.2017

Hungary 30:23 Montenegro (16:8)

Best players of the match : Emöke Varga (Hungary) and Ivana Godec (Montenegro)


The winner was certain from the first moment. Hungarian girls, dominating the field with their exact passes, were ahead with six points till the end of the game. For a moment in the second half it looked as if their opponents from Montenegro may balance/even the score, however, Hungary soon regained their control and firmly pressed on to a winning 30:23 in their favour.

Beáta Bohus, Team Hungary Head Coach : "We were expecting this kind of a match. The first one is always a tough one. But it was good that we were able to maintain a good score."

Emöke Varga, Team Hungary Player of the match: "I was a little bit afraid but I wanted to win. I was enjoying it although it worn me out. The team faced the challenge beautifully."

Milanka Celebic, Team Montenegro Coach: "In the moment, Hungarian team is better:"