President of the Slovak handball federation Jaroslav Holeša: "I believe that the organization in Michalovce will be succsesful"

Interview with the president of the Slovak handball federation infront of the EHF W17 EURO 2017 in Michalovce

10 days left to the EHF W17 EURO we interviewed the president of the Slovak handball federation Jaroslav Holeša about the preparation for the big handball event which will take part in Michalovce from 10th to 20th August. 

Mr. Holeša, the main sports event in whole Michalovce will be the EHF W17 EURO. Why did you choose for this event for this town in eastern Slovakia?

"We received the organization rights from IHF and EHF for World Championship of W18 in Bratislava and EHF W17 EURO in one year period. As we always try that our national teams of every age play their games spread through the whole country, the choice of Michalovce was a logical decision. Except of that, in Michalovce and surrounding are enough acommodation capacities, plenty of sports halls, excellent background of women handball, relatively good connection to international airport and mostly very good and hard working people. I strongly believe that Michalovce will be succesful in organization of the tournament."

Spectator in Michalovce is demanding, but likes handball. How would you like to invite the fans for the EHF W17 EURO? Will we see some other side events which will bring the EHF EURO closer to the people of Michalovce?

"It is not a tradition to organize kind of events like Fan zones, but we would like to prepare in cooperation with City of Michalovce and our partners special programme directly in the playing halls." 

Where will be the acommodation for the delegations?

"Because we speak about 16 teams and more than 50 referees, delegates and workers of EHF, they will be acommodated in five hotels not only directly in Michalovce, but also at Zemplínska Šírava and in Humenné. Alltogether it is more than 400 people all over the Europe and I truly believe that Zemplín will show itself in the best possible light and Slovaks will prove that they are true hosts."

What are your expectations from the home tournament?

"We have two objectives infront of us. The first is to show the EHF that we are capable to organize such an event on a high level. I believe that our organizing team will traditionally make a perfect job. Another goal is of course a sports one. This team is the first one, which is a result of systematic work of regional teams all over the Slovakia. This team made a really hard preparation, which began in summer of last year, where the whole trainer team put a really demanding challenges infront of the girls and I have to admit that also thanks to the home tasks, where they were forced to do something more in their home clubs, it is possible to clearly see a growth of the performance. This tournament will be the very first important appearence on an international level for the girls and we are already very curious, how will it go for us. Of course we believe that also our fans will help to our girls, so they can put everything out of them what they can. Last but not least, we would like to get as many kids and youth people to playing halls as possible, so they will see great handball matches. We hope the sport will attract them and they will enlarge our handball family."

EHF W17 EURO will be played in two playing halls, modern Chemkostav arena which is a home arena for the players of Iuventa Michalovce and also City hall which was earlier a home arena for handballers of HC winLand. How are these arenas prepared for the tournament and what was necessary to do in order to play here?

"Chemkostav arena is a very beautiful sports hall which fullfils the strict rules of EHF so we had only really small corrections here. I would like to thank the company of Chemkostav for the conditions they created here and still creating. You can really feel that handball is home here and we are really looking forward that we can use this arena during the tournament. City hall needed after the inspection from EHF more corrections, but thanks to the great effort by the city of Michalovce, everything will be managed on time. We will have same playing floor in both halls, so that all teams will have equal conditions here."

In your opinion, who could be the new W17 european champion?

"Traditionally, Russia and Denmark, last world respectively european champions, but Sweden, Norway, Hungary as well. Maybe also somebody else, because EHF EURO is a very tough and close tournament."